Eric Williams

Azure Functions Proxies

Proxies are a nice addition to Azure Functions that give you a subset of features that an application gateway could provide for your function instances. It has request matching capabilities that let you inspect a specific route and send that request to a specific back-end. You can setup matches based on combinations of uri and HTTP method.

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January 29, 2018

ARM Templates: Reading Output Variables

When using ARM templates for your deployments you will find your build or your release pipeline in a situation where you need to get some of those generated values from your template or some references from the resources that ARM created in Azure for you.

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I have a couple of PowerShell functions that end up getting leveraged in my VSTS Build . . .

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January 22, 2018

DotNetZero vNext

I've been working on a new version of dotnetzero (formerly psakezero). This v2 version has a number of changes that were fun to build.

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Large refactoring into smaller PowerShell functions

I'm trying out an approach that takes each PowerShell function and places them into their own file. This was for a couple of reasons. One was . . .

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January 09, 2018

VSTS: YAML Build Definitions

Using YAML to define your builds

In a previous post I talked about high-level and somewhat generic approaches to getting your CICD pipeline to be responsible for more than just your builds but also you infrastructure deployment.

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Now I'd like to walk though a an actual implementation of a build definition as code using a ASP.NET Core . . .

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November 28, 2017

Build Definitions As Code

What is a build definition as code?

The concept of a build definition as code as it relates to a build server for continuous integration means using an actual declarative language to define how your build should works instead of using a web user interface to define your build steps. You can use a general purpose programming language, a domain . . .

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November 28, 2017

Azure Resource Manager Templates in your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Infrastructure as Code

What is an ARM Template

There are a number of ways to setup your Azure environment to run your systems. You can use the Azure portal to manually click and type in your configurations. This is where most people start. You can also use a couple of terminal options with the Azure CLI and Azure Powershell. The third option is using Azure Resource . . .

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April 25, 2017

Gitflow and Gitversion wrapped in Powershell

Silvrback blog image I'm pretty happy with the balance the branching strategy that gitflow brings to teams. I think it adds just enough rigor with declared releases and features with the agility to being able to move fast for hotfixes and keep production humming along. Getting of continuous delivery pipelines against them is fairly straightforward.

The . . .

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April 18, 2017